How to Make a Beet Salad That Even Kids Eat!

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Preheat oven to 375

Beets after cutting greens off

Wash skin thoroughly

Cut any beets that are larger than the average In 1/2

Beet cut in 1/2

Lay foil and the put olive oil on beets

Rub olive oil all over and around beets. One in each piece of foil

Wrap foil around beet

Close tightly

Place in preheated oven on rack

Cook for 60 mins if beets are medium sized. Cook at approx. 45 mins if they are small

Test for done ness by inserting knife. If it inserts easily it's done. Let sit and cool for 10 mins

Rinse beets and rub off skin, it should come off very easily if roasted well. (I.e. knife inserted easily in last step)

Cut both ends off

Other "pointy" end cut off

Cut length wise

Slice cross wise

Toss in bowl and do the same for remaining beets

Add 3 parts olive oil

1 part balsamic vinegar


Pinch salt (salt at end to taste if needed)


Add pine nuts as much as looks good


Add goat cheese crumbles as much as looks good to you


Toss all ingredients


Serve and enjoy!

Watch the video: How to makeprepare beetroot salad with vinegar and chutney.


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