How to Make Orange Pekoe Sweet Iced Tea

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Gather your supplies

Fill your pot with water. I just eyeball it but it comes out to about 2 cups.

Take 3 tea bags out. Orange pekoe & pekoe cut black tea is my favorite!

Cut string and tag from your tea bag and drop in your water.

Steep on low setting for about 15 min. You do NOT want to boil the water.

During steeping push your tea bags down to submerge them and get the flavoring out. Stir.

After 15 to 20 min your water should be dark and filled with all the yummy goodness ^_^ you may remove your tea bags with a spoon, be careful the water is HOT. Dont forget to turn your burner off!!

Carefully pour the tea into your pitcher then fill the remaining pitcher with cold water. Leave room for the sugar to go in...

I use 3/4 C sugar. I like my tea sweet! You may add sugar to taste the way you like.

Stir until your sugar is completely dissolved, refrigerate a while or just add ice and ENJOY!!! :)

Voila!! (add an orange slice for fun and flavor)

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