How to Make Lemon Chicken for Dinner

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A package of chicken breasts, trimmed.

In another bowl, a few eggs (beaten) and a splash of water.

I pound my breasts very thin using wax paper

Use a little non stick spray on the paper as to help the chicken not stick to it as you pound

Place chicken breast (or tenders) between the paper

Pound to desired thinness

Place all you chicken in egg wash and get ready to dredge in breadcrumbs

In a large bowl, pour breadcrumbs into..I use seasoned breadcrumbs and panko.

Egg mixture, breadcrumbs, then place on a tray until its all coated. Rememberuse opposite hands (one for egg, the other for breadcrumbs) or else you'll have more crumb on your hands than on chicken

Hot hot skillet! I have mine on the highest heat setting

While you wait for the pan to heat up, slice about 4-5 lemons

Once your pan is smoking hot, add peanut oil. As you can see, I added a little more than half way up the pan

TO HOT OIL, add 6 TB butter. Make sure your oil has heated up before you add the butter or else, the butter will burn and be bitter waiting to heat up w oil.

Brown chicken and drain on towel. If you pound chicken thin, it won't take but a minute or two to cook through. This chicken is perfect just like this! Very tasty and I use it often for chicken parm

Place in a large, deep dish and make sauce

2 cups white, dry (sav blanc) wine, boil or a few minutes and add a chicken bullion

After you let the wine boil for a few minutes add 4 C chicken broth and the juice of your lemons. Cover and bake 350• until its boiling. About 30-40 minutes.

Serve over pasta

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