How to Take Care of Your Cat

Choose the food thats right go your cat, I use royal canin indoor beauty as my cat is a long hair indoor cat and this helps with shedding and hair balls.

It may be hard to find which food is right for your cat, do you want all natural (Blue Buffalo and Fromm are great) or a scientifically balanced diet (Science Diet or Royal Canin)

Scientifically balanced food is good for breeds with special needs (long hair, "smush face") but for your regular domestic short hair, all natural food is great.

A few times a week give your cat a 3oz. Can of wet food this is my cats favorite. It helps keep a shiny coat, as well as hydration and digestion.

REMEMBERcat food can be very expensive but the household names like Iams or Purina are like feeding your children McDonalds everyday and although cheaper expect more health issues in the long run.

Choose a dust free cat litter, it'll be up to your cat to choose which one they like. I use Dr. Elsey's for long hair, any kind from this brand is great because it features herbal attractant.

Give your furry friend a scratching post (I don't believe in declawing) or a cat condo if you have the space. Spread a little dry catnip on them to get them comfortable when introducing something new.

Cats love toys that retract or are elastic such as the "fishing rod" style toys, also small mice or remote control mice, this will keep your indoor cat healthy and active.

He'll be busy for hours!

Balls and crinkle toys are great too, slowly you'll learn what your cat loves most.

Most importantly pet and snuggle them the more you do it the more he gets used to human contact, my cat is very friendly and loves to cuddle.

Looks like a happy cat to me :)

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