How to Make Spring Nails

For the first design, you need a turquoise and a gold glitter nail varnish.

Paint the nail with the turquoise polish and leave to dry.

Drop a blob of glitter nail varnish on to a piece of paper and get an eyeshadow brush.

Dab the glitter on the end of the nail.

Slowly build up layers of the glitter, dabbing more at the end so it is solid glitter and dabbing less around the middle, to create a gradient look.

The final design!

To make the design last longer, you can paint clear nail varnish on top.

Now for the next design. Firstly, get a beige nail polish.

Paint the nail beige and leave to dry.

Now get a strip of newspaper or magazine larger than your nail.

Wet the newspaper with water.

Put the strip on your nail, press down very hard and hold for just over ten seconds.

Peel it off and you should be left with the writing.

Paint over with a clear polish, and its done!

For the third design, get a beige nail polish.

Paint the nail and leave to dry.

Now get a picture from a newspaper or magazine- I chose one from the London Marathon.

Do the same as the last design, wetting it and holding on your nail.

This picture's a bit blurry, but the picture came of on my nail. Its really fun to have lots of different pictures on your nails so enjoy!

For the fourth design, you need a medium hot pink nail varnish.


Paint the whole nail with it and leave to dry.


Now, you can do all of this with a nail art pen, but I don't have one, so I use a different method. Put a blob of yellow on paper.


With a sharp pen or pencil, make three or four dots on the nail.


Now put a blob of white on paper.


With a pencil dab around the yellow dots to form petals.


Now leave it to dry and add a clear layer on top. Finished!


For the fifth design, you need pink or black and white.


Paint the nail black and let it dry.


Paint the top of the nail white.


Using the white and a pencil, dot three dots either side of the nail.


Now draw the laces across using the white and a pencil again.


Using the black, dab three smaller dots into the white dots.


Now draw a black curve round the end of the nail.




All the design!


Hope you like them :)


Watch the video: Easy Animated Floral Design - Spring Nail Art

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