How to Cook Granny's Mince & Tatties

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Chop the carrots & onions into small pieces

Sauté the onions & carrots slowly in the olive oil until the onions are soft - 15 mins or so.

Remove the veg & set aside. Use same pan to brown the beef. (pop the kettle on at this point too!)

Once the mince is browned, put the veg back in the pot, add the garlic granules & stock. At this point I transfer to a slow cooker for a few hours, but you could leave to simmer on the hob for 30 mins

Peel the potatoes & boil until cooked.

Ten minutes before serving add the frozen peas & stir.

Just before serving mix 4 tsps of Bisto with 30ml cold water and add to the mince mixture to thicken it.

Mash (or rice) the potatoes with milk & butter. Season to taste. Serve with a good couple of spoons of mince & enjoy.

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