How to Hang a Cabinet on a Brick Wall

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Living in a small house, I use the stairwell from my kitchen to the basemen as pantry.

Shoe cabinet from Ikea. Hanging on the door is not practical, so I have asked my husband to move it to the wall. He didn't do it. So now I'll do it.

The cabinet have small holes on the back for hanging. Mark the distance between them on your spirit level.

If you don't have a distance gauge on your spirit level, use a measuring tape.


Yep bulls eye


Find screw that fits in the hole.

Find raw plugs that fits the screws

Find masonry drill that fits the raw plugs

How deep is your love?


Use straw to blow out brick dust. CLOSE YOUR EYES.

Hole with brick dust

Blow hole

Place raw plug in the hole

Find screwdriver that fits your type of screw.

Don't screw it all the way in, allow room for the back panel of the cabinet


Another bulls eye


Much better


What I keep in my Ikea shoe cabinet? Onions and potatoes 😄

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