How to Be a Crazy Cat Lady

You obsessively take multiple photos of your cat in the same position and keep all of them because it's too hard to choose.

Download free app PicFrame to make awkward collages of your kitteh, then bask in the sweet popularity you obtain by sharing them on Instagram. (#cat is on of the most popular tags)

Take it a step further and embarrass your cat by video recording him doing nothing particularly interesting, then post it on Snapguide. Make sure to use lots of baby talk you think he can understand.

Collect a variety of cat wares and display them around your house. Anything from figurines, coffee mugs, to neck warmers you heat up in the microwave (awkward when you have company over).

Allow your little stinkers (or big ones in my case) to take over your tiny apartment with all their toys, food, and litter... because it's really their house whether or not you choose to admit it.

Obnoxiously take photos of other people's kittens after squealing in delight over its little milk mustache. Repeat Step 2.

Give your booger lots of kisses because you're officially a Stage 1 cat lady and most likely won't be too popular in the real world!

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