How to Suzi Makes Rory Herrmann's Sous Vide Chicken

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Get two chicken breasts.

Put some olive oil on the saran wrap and then lay chicken breast on top of olive oil

Start rolling the chicken and twisting the ends of the saran wrap at the same time

Twist and tie the ends in a knot

Make one for each person

Here's one that I rolled with fresh basil

Might as well keep rolling! I made some extra rolls to freeze for other dinners.

Boil for 35 148°

Make some brown rice

Use a potato peeler and make thin strips of carrots

Do the same with the asparagus

Lay carrots and asparagus on top of each other alternating

Twist them into a pinwheel roll

Roast a beat and cut in half

Get your olive oil hot to sear your chicken

Put garlic, Rosemary and salt-and-pepper into the pan and start to reduce

After browning let set for 5 mins, so you don't lose all your juice when you slice your chicken


Slicing inch or half-inch pieces


For some reason this video is sideways on an iPad not on the iPhone


Bon Appétit!


Or as a salad

Watch the video: Sous vide chicken chashu recipe.

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