How to create a speaker out of simple materials

This is what you will need

Trace the end of the paper towel onto the side of the cup with a sharpie

Now poke a hole in the center of your circle with your scissors

And cut out a small he inside the drawn circle

Now make little slits from the cut hole to the drawn circle

And fold all the flaps outwards

Don't that to both your cups and then slide them on the ends of your paper towels roll to make sure the home is big enough and make sure the flaps are I the outside

Now trace the bottom if your phone or iPod onto the paper towel roll

Now cut a slit inside that rectangle

And make little slits from the big slit in the middle to the drawn rectangle

Fold all the flaps in

And adjust your cups on your towel roll so they are even and make marks like so

Get some duct tape

And making sure the two lines you just marked are lined up, tape the flaps of the cups to the towel roll

Make sure you do that on both sides

You can keep it like that if you want or you can decorate it however you feel

Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy your new homemade speakers

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