How to make oreo stuffed cookies

Take butter and cup sugar and use hand blender to whip up till smooth

Add the 3/4 light brown sugar and blend

Add the two eggs and blend

In a separate bowl add the flour an baking soda and stir

Add the flour mixture to the butter mixture

Add vanilla and blend

Add the bag of chocolate chips and stir with wooden spoon

I like to use double stuffed it's tastier open bag up

Take a ice cream scoop and put a ball of dough on bottom and top and then mild around Oreo so it's covered evenly!

Or u can roll out ball with ur hand

Mold around cookie and place another call of dough on top

Place onto cookie sheet and into a 350" oven for 12 minutes or until brown ontop!

I first tried 11 mins but 12 mins was the right time

Yummmmy baking is fun !

All done! Amazing warm fun filled cookies can brighten anyone's day! I made extra and brought them to the homeless people in my neighbourhood! They had big smile on face and you should try doing that

The definition of a real woman's cookie hahahaha !

Make sure to follow me as I post new guides every week !! Happy day everyone

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