How to make gordon ramsay's quick sweet pickled celery

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Peel away each stalk of celery from bunch. Wash; cut into nice inch-long diagonal shape and place in sterilized jar. Keep leaves and shoots aside for salad, etc.

Fill it up to the jar brim. If you have cut extra celery, keep it aside and you'll be guided later ;)

Pickling liquid time! Create a simple syrup; 1 part water and 1 part sugar. Add peppercorn,

then, fennel seeds, that is if you don't have mustard seeds (or you may use both).


…salt and white wine vinegar (can't make it out in the photo, can you?) …

…and boil away to a rolling boil…

…or simmer slowly – your choice.

Then carefully pour hot liquid into celery-filled jar. Wait a while – there'll be spaces created in jar due to the hot liquid partially cooking the celery, shrinking it somewhat and resettling it.

Now, is when you're guided, to add any extra pieces of celery left behind earlier. Don't waste. If you have more celery left, use additional jars, boil more pickling liquid. 😬 Otherwise, other uses.

When liquid cools, it's ready to be eaten. That's it. But of course it'll taste nicer the longer you keep it, especially in the fridge. Sweet, sour & crunchy. 😋 Be kind and enjoy with friends.

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