How to make a fairy garden

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If you are making your garden container you will need: 1 Hand Saw, 1 Hammer, 1 Tape Measure and about 2 Dozen Nails. If you are purchasing a container skip to Step 4.

Cut material into 7 12inch pieces. Four will be the walls of your container and three will make the bottom. Use eye protection or have a professional (Lowe's employee) cut your material.

Nail your 4 walls together.

Nail three board pieces to bottom of your walls. Leaving some space between boards will help soil drain after your water.

Add your soil. I used about 16oz of potting soil.

Arrange plants where you would like to plant them. Work with the height, and place tallest plants toward back. Get some moss or creeping herb to cover soil.

After you plant your plants in your soil, take some pebbles and create a pathway through your garden for your fairies to follow.

Add some fairy touches! Create a ladder for the young fairies to use to climb in and out of your garden while their wings are developing.

Final touch. Add a sign!

That's a wrap! You're garden is now ready to flourish! Make sure to water with fertilizer once-twice a week. Clip back dead leaves and keep your garden in the appropriate sunlight. Enjoy!

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