How to makeover your bathroom in a weekend

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Start with a boring, but clean bathroom.

Gather supplies. For quick, hassle-free projects I use Glidden's Grab-N-Go Interior Paint (only sold at Walmart). No waiting, no mixing, just grab off the shelf and get going to the next step.

Often referred to as the fifth wall, paint the ceiling to create a cozy atmosphere. Here I used a deep brown in a high gloss finish.

After you're done with the ceiling, paint the walls with Warm Caramel. Notice how a soothing brown heats up this small space.

Allow paint to dry overnight, then accessorize! Inject personality with a new mirror, towel hook, and liquid soap dispenser!

It's ok to decorate from floor to ceiling. Add accent rug for graphic impact!

Don't forget to include an organic element like a small plant or bouquet of flowers to bring your small bath to life! For your next project, find inspiration and DIYs on!

Watch the video: WEEKEND BATHROOM MAKEOVER. Two Hair Salon Bathrooms in FOUR days!

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