How to cook potato latkes

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Simple yet delicious carb addition to your meal.

Collect all ingredients

Firstly - Peel then grate the potato

Secondly (in the same bowl) - peel and grate the onion

Tip - Don't cut off the end of the onion, this gives something to grip onto when grating.

Potato and onion grated.

Add the egg and mix altogether.

Season to taste - I like a lot of salt and pepper really makes it tasty

Next is the only "tricky" bit. Add enough matzo meal so that the mixture is still a little moist but firm. This varies each time depending on the moisture from the potato and onion.

Ideal consistency.

Now time to cook. Heat a thin layer of oil in your frying pan.

When the oil is hot enough for the mixture to sizzle away add it to the pan. You can do it as small individual ones or one large one. The choice is YOURS :)

Cook on a medium heat so it cooks all the way through and is a nice golden colour all oven (Cooking time varies depending on size). Cooking too quickly on a too hot stove can cause burning and rawness

Et voila. Perfect potato latkes

Hope you find these as tasty as I do :)

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