How to make a bracelet

Measure and cut 4 lengths of beading cord. 24 inches each for a bracelet, 30 inches each for an anklet, and 45 inches each for a necklace.

Cord is cut! I'll be making a bracelet in this guide, so I cut 24 inch lengths of cord.

Grab all 4 of the cords and make a huge knot about a half inch from one end.

Tape the knotted end of the cords to your work surface.

Pull the middle 2 cords straight and tape them down too. These will be your base cords.

Fold the right-most cord over the base stands and under the left-most strand.

Now fold the left-most cord under the base cords and over the right-most cord.

Pull tightly on both cords to make a knot.

If you don't want to add beads, continue making knots like this until you get the desired length.

If you mess up, just un-knot the last knot and start over!

If you don't want to add beads to your band, skip ahead to Step 15. These next steps are for if you do want to add beads to your band.

Remove the tape from the base cords only, and slid a bead onto them.

Re-tape the base cords and continue knotting like before.

Add as many beads as you like!

When you have reached your desired length (yes, the base cords will be longer than the band), remove all tape and knot both ends of the band together. Cut off any excess thread.

Finished product!

Another version, I made an anklet.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I'll try to answer them!

Watch the video: VSCO bracelet tutorial + sliding knot tutorial

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