How to make boeuf bourguignon

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The ingredients needed (+ the meat)

Remove visible fat and cut in smaller pieces

This is what it should look like

Pan-broil the meat in a hot pan. When the meat had got some color move it to a large pot. When all the meat is browned pour some water into the skillet and then add this to the meat.

Here we have it

Fry the onions on low heat.

Add the onions to the meat.

Start cooking the meat and onions.

Add flour...

..tomato paste..



..stock cubes..

..dried thyme and bay leaves.

Stir and add;

Red wine and water..

..and Chinese soy.

Stir again. Boil for 2 hours or so.

It isn't necessary to add a lot if water, just see to that it doesn't get dry. We could easily have added less water than we did...

If it's too thin when it's ready add some type of starch. We also added some honey.

Fry the small onions and the mushrooms and add to the pot. The small onions need about 10-15 minutes at least in the pot. To the mushrooms I added some extra thyme.

In some recipes the pork is added before the rather long cooking time, however we prefer to add it shortly before serving.

Enjoy the bouef bourguignon with a mash..

..or with pommes duchesse made in the oven.

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