How to cook chicken makhni (butter chicken)

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Add boneless chicken pieces to preheated oil in frypan and add ground red pepper according to taste (about 1 tsp)

cook slightly

water will be released by chicken let it reduce to minimum.. but don't overcook chicken this stage, just cook it slightly as it is going to be cooked with onions

as soon as water dries add about 2 to 3 medium sized chopped onions


fry it properly till onions are properly fried to light brown...

add water around 1 glass

let it cook

when water is evaporated add pinch of oregano paprika rosemary n salt (according to taste)


add half teaspoon black pepper

cook to completely eliminate water

add cream


cook until cream starts separating butter

but dont over cook

it's done when it leaves this much butter.. don't overcook otherwise basic texture of cream will be lost

ready to eat with roti/pita bread

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