How to scan a credit card in mobile safari

In mobile safari if you visit a website that asks for your credit card details there's a new option. First, tap into the credit card number field.

With the field selected you'll have an option to scan credit card. The camera will now allow you to capture an image that will not be saved or uploaded. It's used to recognize the digits on your card.

Mobile safari will ask for permission to access your camera. Say OK if you're comfortable trying this feature.

Next, line up the credit card shape in your camera with your credit card. Note: for demo purposes this is not a real credit card.

Once the credit card image is aligned and in focus the numbers will be automatically recognized. They will temporarily appear on screen before you are exited back out to the website you were visiting.

The fields will be automatically filled in. It's that simple. What a great time saver.

Watch the video: Scan your credit card in iOS 8 for faster purchases

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