How to use a mandoline slicer

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Mandoline blade without slicing inserts

Underside of Mandoline without slicing inserts

This is the insert which is carefully snapped into place to complete the assembly of the Mandoline.

Insert is carefully snapped into the slots on the top side of the Mandoline

Underside of Mandoline with insert snapped into place

Cut onion in half

Gently, gently slide onion against the straight blade of the Mandoline

Sliced onion. To protect against injury, don't slice food item all the way to the end.

Underside of food pusher which also add protection from the sharp blades

Sample of tines of pusher pressed into cored apple

Insert for shredding food items

Sample of shredded apple

Insert for julienne

Sample of julienned apple. Thanks for viewing. For awesome napkins, please click on

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