How to make wicked melted witch halloween treats

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Melt the white chocolate and stir in green food colouring. In a separate bowl, melt the dark chocolate and add black food colouring as needed to match the Oreo colour.

This is the messy bit: dip Bugles in chocolate (or finger paint it on). Allow to cool.

Attach to the Oreo with melted chocolate. Allow to cool.

Assemble: pour the green-colour white chocolate into a puddle for the melted witch. My chocolate wasn't soft enough here. Quickly add the hat and make a broom out of a pretzel and hickory sticks.

Once completely cool, peel off the foil.

And try these Spooky Spiders in my separate guide!

Watch the video: How to Make Witchs Broom Cheese Snacks - Easy DIY Halloween Treats

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