How to cook cake chocolate-pear and white truffle oil

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Pre-heat oven at 175•C. Place a bowl on a water-bath, heat and add butter in cube with chocolate. Gently mix until ontention of homogenous liquid

Chocolate has to be silky and gleaming. Add the 1-2 tbsp of truffle oil

Add eggs in a bowl and whip with the sugar until the preparation blanches.

Add the flour but reserve one tablespoon for the pear.

When the preparation is homogenous, add liquid chocolate (not too hot) by gently mixing.

Use >65% dark chocolate and brake it in pieces

Peel and cut pear in cube, sprinkle with flour, mix with the preparation and chocolate chunks. Cast in a cake baking pan and place in oven 30-60min.

A tip: when cake has raised, use a knive and dig in center of the preparation. If there is still unbaked chunks on the knife, it is not ready. If knife is humid, it is good! Add truffle oil in center

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