How to do an east frisian tea ceremony

Tea time in East Frisia is a rite. Teatime is typically time for cosiness and time for discussions and hospitality.

Start by boiling some water. Wash a teapot with hot water and heat it up. Light a candle into the teapot warmer.

Per each cup, put in the preheated teapot ½ teaspoons of tea (it's good to use tea filters for this part!).

Pour the boiled water (over the filter) into the tea pot.

Place the teapot on teapot warmer and let it stay for 3-5 minutes.

Place 1-2 Kluntjes (white rock sugar) into the teacups.

Fill the cups with sieved tea. Listen carefully; Kluntjes should crackle now ;)

Next, make some clouds into the tea by adding cream into the cup.

Amazing, huh? :)

This is the first cup of the tea. This one should not be stirred, but drinken through the cream clouds.

Let's have a new round! In East Frisian tea ceremony, three cups are the minimum amount.

From the second cup on the tea should be stirred.

After the third cup you may place the tea spoon into the cup. This means: "I wouldn't like to have any more tea".

If tea time lasts longer, tea must be poured through sieve into a serving jug.

Enjoy the tea ceremony :)

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