How to make a virgin mojito smoothie #healthyeating

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This is a zingy and refreshing smoothie based on the flavours of Mojito with a few added ingredients for extra nutrients

Here are all of the ingredients you will need...

Since making this I've stopped using agave as I've read it's not as good as it originally sounds so just use your favourite natural sweetener

I peel the lime and put all of the flesh in but this makes it very sour so you might prefer just to put the juice of one lime in

Put all ingredients in a jug. The lime or its juice, a large teaspoon of chopped mint (I have it frozen in the freezer), a large handful of spinach, about 4 inches of cucumber and natural sweetener

I put about 1/2 tsp of agave in. To make it sweeter more like a Mojito you may wish to add more. Use a hand blender to blitz until very smooth. Taste to see if you need any extra mint, agave or lime

Pour into a glass and serve. I sometimes stir in 1/2 a teaspoon of spirulina powder which is a very scary dark green colour but in a smoothie doesn't taste too strong and has great health benefits

Find more recipes in my other guides or at and follow me on twitter @schoolbalance or The School of Balance on Facebook

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