How to make chilli fresh tuna with stirfry #healthyeating

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Start by making the stir fry. Shred your chosen veg and start with the ones which take longer to cook eg onion, carrot and cabbage. Fry in a little rapeseed (canola) oil

Add the veg which are quicker to cook eg edamame beans (soya beans), mange tout and spring onion

Now add the sauce. I used 2 tbsp miso paste (optional), 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp rice vinegar (white wine vinegar would be fine too) 1tsp grated fresh ginger and a crushed garlic clove.

Now quickly pan fry the tuna steak for a couple of minutes on each side. Chose very fresh tuna and keep it quite rare in the middle. Overlooked tuna starts to taste very fishy and not in a good way!

Now make the sauce for the tuna. Add 1/2 chopped chilli, 1tbsp grated ginger, 2 tbsps soy, 1 tsp fish sauce (stinks but tastes good), 1 tsp sesame oil and the zest and juice of 1/2 a lime)

Serve the tuna topped with the sauce with the veg stir fry. Here the veg is topped with nori (seaweed) and the tuna with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. Both optional. Enjoy!

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