How to make chicken broth #healthyeating

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This is a simple broth or soup and great for cold winter days. Full of nutritious ingredients.

Start with the veg. No need to peel the carrots the peel is good for you. With the exception of the garlic either chop finely or do a Jamie Oliver and pulse in a food processor until chunky

Sauté in a little oil. I use olive or rapeseed. The Italians call this a sofritto and it's a great base to soups and sauces. The aim is to soften but not to get too much colour

Crush in two cloves of garlic or finely chopped garlic if you don't have a crusher

Add a tin of flageolet beans, or I often make it with a couple of handfuls of barley. No need to soak but you will need to cook it for longer. Say an hour.

Add the chicken stock and seasoning. I didn't have any fresh stock so used a stock cube. If you're using raw chicken add the thigh (whole) now. Cook for 30-45 mins until everything is soft

If using leftover chicken add it now. If using a thigh, take it out, cool slightly, pull all of the meat off and put back in the pan in small pieces. Add parsley and a splash of vinegar (optional)

Taste for seasoning and add more salt and pepper if needed and serve in a big bowl. Enjoy!

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