How to cook brownies in your mw oven

Put the butter in a MWable recipient.. (NO METALS!!) we can melt it down in the MW. You'll get about 1/4 cup, 2 oz or 50mL, which ever serves you best.

Get the egg..

..and add everything up (ideally you'd want to add and mix each ingredient separately in this order: egg, butter and sugar, salt and flour, cocoa, vanilla)

Mix everything with a spatula. Do it thoroughly so you get no sugar nor flour crums

Get the fudge-ish dough into your cup or preferred MWable small recipient (no metals!!)..

..and turn it on for 1-minute (if it doesn't get well cooked, try 2 or 3 minutes, 'cause it depends on your MW oven)

You can decorate with sugar powder, sprinkles, nutella, etc. I put some peruvian manjarblanco on it (like fudge with no chocolate because it tastes like caramel). ENJOY!

Watch the video: Chocolate walnut brownie recipe in microwave. 5 mins recipe by eze cooking

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