How to make ritz cracker cookies

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In a small sauce pan, add one can sweetened condensed milk

And an 8 ounce bag of chopped dates. DONT let this scare you off not a date fan either but these are my favorite cookies..

Dump in your cooker

Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly

After 5-7 minutes it will start to thicken

Remove from heat and add a small package of crushed pecans. Stir and work fast bc it does thicken more as it cools

Snow flake ritz..tis the season

One spoon full on top of the cracker

Top them all and bake for ab 5 minutes at 325°

Let cool in order to add the icing

Cream cheese brick cream cheese. One stick of butter

I add about 3 c powdered sugar and beat well

Next i add a dollop of marshmallow cream (mine is homemade)

Nice, fluffy and rich!

Fluff the icing on top

And prepare the rest

Get a nice plate and you're ready! I have so many Christmas baked goodies on my guides. Please check them all out!

and enjoy!

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