How to slow smoke beef brisket in a alto shaam combi oven

Ready to Smoke brisket

Soak wood chips

Season briskets and place on an icing rack with a sheet tray

Seasoned and ready for the oven

After loading in the oven probe one brisket

BONUS!!! For help with programming check out this other Snapguide!

Program to smoke- no heat- 1 hour. Cook at 225F (107C) with smoke for one hour. Next, slow roast at 225F (107C) up to 185F (85C) internal temperature. Then hold at 165F (74C) steam overnight.

Start the smoking process. (This is the first of four steps.)

This is how they look the next morning

I held the brisket for over 10 hours after cooking and smoking.

Ready for service

Starting weight

After smoking 62% yield

Watch the video: Richard Guests ghetto-smoked ribs..

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