How to make a wooly lampshade

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Hi Snapguiders! I'm back!

I'm a sucker for shiny new craft projects yet so often I read the tutorials and just balk at the new materials and tools I would need to buy to start! This is not one of those DIY tutorials!

This DIY tutorial is super easy and cheap and anyone can do it! You can refresh all the lampshades in your home in a weekend! Now there's achievement for you. Gold stars all around.

Hello boring lampshade. Your shady days are numbered. Mwah-ha-ha-ha! Put on your current TV binge show - I've just started watching Gilmore Girls.

Remove the lampshade from the base and ready your yarn. You're about to embark on a wrapathon! I'm using a cheap IKEA lampshade and yarn from Poundland! £1 DIY hack!

Take one end of the yarn and wrap around the lampshade and secure with a knot. Cute creature optional. Actually cuteness is never optional. Creature necessary.

Turn the lampshade upside down and pull the knot to the inside of the shade. Create another knot to affix the yarn to metal part of the frame to stop it moving as your wrap. Wrap dunk (Da Funk).

Now you're ready to start rapping. Microphone and audience not necessary. Just wrap the yarn around and around and around the frame until it's all covered.

You want to pull the yarn taut then wrap around the frame. Be careful and do not create tension by pulling the yarn over the frame as this will warp the shade and/or the frame. Make wraps not warps.

30 minutes later and ta-da! Rory goes to Chiltern and gets a D for her first test (Gilmore Girls reference). You however, get a DIY-A+ for yours!

Hello handsome shady character...

... I like how you variegate. Let's get coffee sometime. I'm totally not hitting on my lampshade. Shut uuuupppp.

Try mixing different yarn colours or use a variety of all your scraps and leftovers from other projects. Wrap on brothers and sisters.

In situ shot. I'm a little rusty but it's good to be back! Hope you enjoyed my first craft guide. Feedback welcome! Unless you want to say I use way too many exclamation marks!!! That I know!! Ha!

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