How to make a stomp rocket launcher

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Glue all the pieces together using the PVC purple primer and PVC cement as shown in the picture above. Repeat the steps to make another one.

To make a leg of the launcher, glue the 6" and 12" PVC pipe to the 90 degree elbow joint. Repeat these steps to make another one.

To make the launch tube, glue a 6" PVC pipe to the cross joint. Then, glue a 12" PVC pipe to the opposite end. Next, attach the inner tube to the 6" side of the launch tube with duct tape.

For other end of the inner tube, attach a 3" long PVC tube with duct tape. Next, glue a bottle cap with a big hole into the 3" PVC tube as shown above. This will allow you to replace a broken bottle

Attach the leg to the foot with out glue, this will allow you to take it apart for easier storage.

Attach the launch tube to both legs then you are done. Look in the link of the next step to make your own ROCKET!!!

Here is a link to make Rockets that go with the Rocket Launcher.

Here is the link to the video on how to make a stomp rocket launcher:

Watch the video: Make a Stomp Rocket and launcher.

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