How to bake peachy bourbon crumble cupcakes in the combi

Cupcake batter, 10.0oz Unsalted butter, 2.0c Sugar, 4.0 Eggs, 1.0 Vanilla bean split & scraped, 2.0Tbsp Bourbon, 1.0c Greek yogurt, 3.0c AP flour, 0.0tsp Cinnamon, 2.0tsp Baking powder, 0.0tsp Baking soda, 1.0tsp Salt, 2.0c Diced peaches, Almond crumble topping, 1.0c AP flour, 0.0c Sugar, 0.0c Light brown sugar, 1.0tsp Salt, 4.0oz Unsalted butter cubed and cold, 0.0c Quick cooking oats, 0.0c Sliced almonds, Cupcake frosting, 2.0c Heavy cream, 0.0c Powdered sugar ( or more depending on thickness), 1.0tsp Vanilla extract

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