How to make a glove jellyfish

So, first you have to put your thumb into the thumb hole.

Then bring the thumb hole inside out into the glove.

Now the thumb hole will be inside the glove so there are only four finger holes sticking up. These will be the tentacles.

Slowly start rolling the bottom to the top. Roll it until only the finger holes are showing

This is what it will look like. Flip it over. The little thing at the top is the thumb. We will fix that

Start pushing the thumb into the hole

Now the thumb won't be sticking up.

Set aside your jellyfish and bring out the buttons. Glue one on

This is what it will look like with one eye.

This is what it will look like with two eyes. The finished product! VoĆ­la!

Watch the video: How to JellyFish. Vape Tricks

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