How to make honey mango party wings

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First, get all your ingredients together. The most important part of these wings are the sauces. I sometimes mix the other portions depending on what I have in the spice cabinet.

Prepare your chicken. I prefer a mixing bowl. If that is not available, a gallon size zip lock is also useful.

Mix your sauces and spices. This will be used to of course flavor the wings!!!!

Pour your ingredients into your raw chicken. You can use gloves or your bare hands, mix the sauce into the chicken for balanced flavor. I let my meat marinate for hours, up to 2 days. Better flavor!!!

At this point you should preheat your oven. 400 degrees

Nonstick pan on medium heat. Spray Pam or (cooking spray). When pan is hot, sear the chicken for 60-90 seconds on both sides (or as desired). I like crust and more of a non-gooey texture.

Transfer wings to a pan (sprayed with Pam) to put in the oven. Cookie sheets are great for this as well. I use a pan to hold all the juices for my wings when they are done! Place wings in for 30 min.

Leave your wings in longer if you prefer a different texture. This step is of course optional.

And there you have it!!!!!!! Honey Mango and full of flavor!!!! Please enjoy !!! If you find any different ingredients to make it better, please share! I love to try new things!!!

Photography by me: Michael Overton ( Copyright Medialifted 2013 Rate, Share, Comment!!!! Thanks for Stopping by!!!

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