How to create fall decor for your home

We just need jute twine an a balloon to begin..

We must apply glue to the jute twine, and cover with this all the balloon..

Like this...when the jute twine is dry must retire the balloon

Here without balloon..and jute dry

Apply gold glitter to the jute twine..

Cut this part of the ball to decorate inside

Cut some pieces of Botanicabella Graphic 45 Deluxe Collector's Edition and begin to decorate the ball

>Cut some butterflies!!! Love them....

Glue the cut pieces..

and choose any Botanicabella Decorative Chipboard..look at these love!!

I have decorated the top of the ball with some Petaloo flowers, a piece of ribbon and botanicabella elements..

And here your own fall decoration with a balloon and Graphic 45!! I hope you like !!

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