How to build a simple minecraft fish and chip shop

Build the area of the shop. Then build the walls, don't forget to put in a door.

Do the roof of the fish and chip shop.

Inside the shop destroy the floor then rebuild it with any block / material.

Make a line in the middle of the shop. Then put down stair for counters and then put glass around except next to the counters

Behind the counters put a wall two blocks a way from the very back of the shop.

Behind the new wall you just made put stone slabs on the roof. Then put chests like this.

When your done that put in tables and chairs by using stair, fences and carpets.

Behind the counters put chests in the ground like this.

This is my complete fish & chip shop. But on the next page is my better finished fish & chip shop. And l for got to put windows and flowers at the front, but in the second next picture it will be in.

This is my best fish and chip shop.

This is my simple fish and chip shop with decorations.

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