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Draw a large C on the left side of your paper with pencil.

Draw a large backward C on the right side of your paper.

Draw a curved line inside your pumpkin.

Draw another curved line.

Draw a curved line, this line should curve in the other direction.

Repeat that line.

If you have room, draw another curved line.

Draw a small curved line at the top of your pumpkin.

Draw an oval under the short line.

Draw a short curved line to the right of your oval to create the stem.

Erase the overlap line in your stem.

Add a curly vine by the stem.

Add orange to the first line inside your pumpkin.

Blend the orange to the left using your tissue. Leave a little black on the left.

Add white to the first line on the left.

Blend the white into the orange using your tissue.

Repeat steps 13 and 14 to complete your pumpkins orange layer.

Add white to all remaining lines.

Blend in to your orange using your tissue.

Add brown lines to fill your stem.


Add white to the left side of your stem.


Fill the bottom half of the oval with brown.


Add white to the top of oval.

Trace over the vine with green.


Add white to the right sides of the loops.


Congratulations! You created a realistic pumpkin with chalk!

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