How to make healthy & tasty veggie burger with carrot fries

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Ingredients: white mushrooms, paprika, eggplant, rainbow carrots. , whole meal burger buns, chilli, garlic, spices, egg, light cheddar cheese (I used tomatoes and red onion as garnish)

Olive oil

Tools: blender, knife, chopping board, bowl, tablespoon, frying pan, spatula.

Oven pan with parchment paper for the carrot fries.

Chop all vegetables. Turn your oven on 225 degrees celcius

Fry the vegetables in the pan.(except carrots).

Toss the rainbow carrots in olive oil and allspice.

Put in the oven for 15-20 mins while you make the burgers.

Blend all the fried veg in a blender with an egg/egg substitute until smooth.

Shape the mix into round burgers. Fry on medium heat until golden. Be careful when you flip as they are quite soft.

Serve with cheddar cheese and desired garnish on top. I had home made aioli for the fries. Enjoy 😋

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