How to creat a "wild things" journal page by marilyn

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Mist water evenly on your art journal pages and then spray w/Siesta Key. Blot

Next spray with Avocado and blot.

Dry thoroughly

Stencil circles using the Orbital layered stencil and Mud

Continue onto the other page.

Using another one of the Orbital layered stencils, add thin circles with Wineberry Velvet. Run color down the page.

Spray your wooden butterfly with Plush and then stencil with Parakeet using the Meridian stencil.

Cut out your text. Mine came from an advertisement about a zoo.

Spray your wooden butterfly with Ice Fairy Dust.

Position your butterfly and text on the left hand side and glue down.

I used a larger sequined butterfly for the right side.

Using a black Sharpie, trace around the edges of your pages to give definition. My pages looked like they were "floating" until I did this.

Now you're done!

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