How to make a marshmallow snowman

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Dried cranberries and currents can be used for nose, mouth and eyes. The video "the Snowman" is a perfect inspiration for children before making these and melting snowmen cookies!!!

Poke the lollipop stick through the three marshmallows. I kept the rounder side to use and the face of the snowman.

Place a tiny blob of icing on the mini choclate chips to stick the eyes in place.

Then repeat using the icing to stick on the eyes, nose and mouth.

The icing sets up quickly but you can use a toothpick to move things into place if desired.

With icing stick on mini chips to make buttons. Then break the pretzel sticks in half and poke into the body marshmallow body.

You can use icing sugar to hold the arms into place. I did because I am mailing mine to grandchildren.

Use a big blob of cookie icing placed on your reeses mini cups to stick on the snowman's hat. This is an optional step.

You will have to hold the hat in place for a minute. Lay the snowman flat to allow the cookie icing to harden.

Admire and enjoy your Marshmallow Snowman!!! Don't forget to snap some pictures of your children and thier creations!!!!!

I made these as part of a holiday DIY for grandchildren.



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