How to create 'twas the night before christmas tag with g45

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Begin by adding a layer of well inked patterned paper to a tag from the Ivory Tag Album.

With hot glue attach pom pom trim to bottom of tag.

Layer on thick lace and trim excess from ends.

Add tinsel trim to top of tag and to center of lace.

Secure die cut frame to center of tag.

Cover frame with a well inked patterned paper covered Trading Tag. Use foam spacers for dimension.

Layer on vintagy image with more foam spacers to Trading Tag.

Loosely attach ivory twine with some layers under and over the image.

With a small painted clothespin adhere the glittered star.

Secure ribbon trim to top left corner.

Top ribbon with twine bow tied with painted jingle bell.

Begin floral by anchoring the corner with large red rose.

Now begin building up the arrangement with punched branches and smaller red sugared blooms.

Add more to the other corner.

Fill in with additional punched branches.

Create lots of tags to decorate your tree or display with your favorite seasonal decor.

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