How to create a winter landscape. option 2

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Create a horizon line with a ruler and pencil

Place the vanishing point on the center of the horizon line

Draw a winter house above the horizon line and vanishing point

Add two diagonal lines the start at the vanishing point and end at the bottom of the paper

Create two vertical lines (these will become trees) starting near the bottom of the paper and going up near the horizon line

Create two more vertical lines (these should be shorter than the first two).

And two more even shorter

Do the same on the other side of the road.

This is a simple step by step on how to draw a basic tree. If you have another method, feel free to use it. Scroll through a few to see how to incorporate this into your image.

Add trees on each side of the road. The trees in the foreground should be larger than those going back near the house. Make sure the trees are VERTICAL

Outline with black permanent marker and erase your pencil marks

Sprinkle salt onto the wet paint.

Repeat the process using the wet on wet technique and salt all over the paper. Place on drying rack to dry.

Once the paint is dry, scrape off the salt and use colored pencils to add emphasis to your winter house and trees

All finished

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