How to make snowball pooping snowmen cookies

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In a mixer beat butter until smooth. Add in sugar and then eggs. Mix in vanilla, followed by baking soda, salt and all purpose flour.

Roll sugar cookie dough 1/2" thick between two pieces of parchment paper. Place in refrigerator for 10-20 minutes to make cutting shapes easier.

Cut out shapes. 3 cookies needed per serving. 2 of the men need to be solid. 1 needs a circle cut out in center with an "exit" cut out to of the bottom. This holds the sprinkles.

Bake snowmen on parchment paper 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Allow to cool. Take one solid snowman (this will be the top of the cookie) and outline with royal icing.

Royal Icing, in mixer ,beat powdered sugar, meringue powder, water, and vanilla for 10 minutes until thick. Use the thick royal icing to trace borders on cookie. Thin out royal icing to "flood cookie"

Allow the flooded royal icing cookies to dry completely before assembling the tops. Move on and assemble the bottom portion while drying.

Melt white chocolate candy melts according to package directions. Place in a baggie & snip off end. Trace underside of the circle cut out cookie with melts and sandwich down on non decorated cookie

Fill the circle with your choice of holiday sprinkles. Some I have all white for snowballs, others we chose candy cane shaped sprinkles.

After all of your top cookies are decorated with details and completely dry. You're ready to assemble your Snowball Pooping Snowmen!

Take the melted candy white chocolate melts and trace the back of the decorated, dried cookie. Sandwich down on the already "glued" sprinkle filled portion

Allow these cute little snowmen to dry completely before bagging up as gifts. Plus, be careful how you tilt them :)

Seriously adorable cookies. And the best part is they are not just a "holiday" cookie. They are perfect all winter long.

Peek A Boo :)

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