How to make guilt-free carrot cake

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Tools: bowl, teaspoon, tablespoon, measuring jug, cake/pie form/tin, grating iron, peeler, spatula

Tools continued: whisk

Tools continued: bowl for wet Ingredients

Ingredients: almond flour, whole wheat flour, agave sirup, baking powder, carrots, light cream cheese, vanilla extract, fat free greek yoghurt, coconut oil, cardamom, oat milk, eggs

Mix dry Ingredients together

Mix wet ingredients

Mix dry and wet ingredients together

Grate the carrots. Carefully add and fold them into the rest of the mix.

Add to tin/form. Heat on 175 degrees celcius for 20-25 mins.

Mix together Ingredients for frosting.

Take the cake out when golden. Let it cool completely before applying the frosting.

Add frosting. Leave for 1-2 hours in the fridge for cake and frosting to settle.

Enjoy 😋🍴

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