How to create a vintage plaque by céline régnier

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Sand the Carte Blanche wall décor with the Prima distress tool.

Glue the picture down with 3D Matte Gel.

Add Texture Paste with a palette knife and let it dry to discover crackles.

Mix on a craft mat: water and 2 Oil Pastels colors, dark brown and black.

Apply colors into crackles to reveal them. Let it dry.

Use a flower stencil with Chalk Edger Shabby Tote. Dry with a heat gun.

Darken the wood plaque all around it with Black and Teak wall chalk edgers, to blend colors add water directly on the background.

Start to glue big pieces on to the wood: wings, scissors ...

Then add: flowers, lace, buttons.

Add Metal Embellishments.

Darken the edges again.

As you can see, I glued a "trinket" under the tips of the scissors, it's 2 pieces put together to have a bigger one. hummm I don't like the necklace…. I have an idea….

Cover the necklace with White Gesso.

Mix together White Gesso + 3D Matte Gel + Mica Powder + Glass Beads = new pink beads for a new necklace :)

Glue on a title. Mine is: My Dreams. My Wings.

Created by Céline Régnier for Prima Marketing.

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