How to paint a flower bouquet in a jar

Using lots of white, cover the canvas. Use a large brush. Allow a small amount of one color to mix with the white. Don't overthink it, don't worry about perfection. This is just the background.

Choose one color for a flower. Mix it with lots of white.

Make a circle with that color where you think a flower should go. Don't worry, we will be layering over it later, so just make a circle and don't over think it.

Add a second somewhere else.

If you'd like, mix a new color for another flower or two. Here, I added some yellow to make a peachy color.

Repeat flower directions.

Add some greens, yellows, white, and blue to a new palette.

Begin adding green to block in areas where leaves and stems might go, both above and below the flowers.

Mix yellow, blue, and white with the green, ( in various amounts), to create different greens. Use those greens for the leaves.

Add as many flowers as you'd like. Use an odd number.

Use white and your background color to begin adding the jar below the stems. 3-4 horizontal lines work well for the jar top. Details will be added later.

Using a smaller brush, add a bit more white, red, and yellow paint to the flowers using curved strokes to replicate petals.

Begin using the smaller brush to add darker tones to the leaves and stems for variety.

Add dark leaves as you go.

Use multiple colors on a leaf to create details.

Add stems to the jar and a bit of green tot the jar top. A clear jar and water will reflect the colors of the flowers and foliage.

Add some berries.

Continue adding detail to the leaves. Use purple to darken the green or use plain purple. This will create contrast.

Watch the video: How to paint flowers in acrylic painting. Painting Tutorial. Easy for Beginners

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