How to do a back kick

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Begin in a side on stance, feet two shoulder widths apart, with the kicking leg back. Feet should be parallel, pointing slightly to the side. Keep the guard up throughout.

pivot the feet so that your heels are facing the target. At the same time keep the knees close together. Prepare to raise the heel of the kicking foot up in line with the knee ready to kick out.

With the knees close together, drive the heel of the kicking foot straight back and through the target (like a donkey kick). keep the back facing the target whilst looking over the shoulder.

After you hit the target, immediately snap the leg back in. This is to stop the opponent catching the leg, to speed up the finishing phase neatly, and to prevent over extending the kick.

Set the kicking foot down landing forwards as you complete the kick. From here you can either perform additional moves, or return to the starting position.

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