How to create an easter wreath with art anthology paints

First, paint little eggs with sponge. Use Cayman Sorbet, Ash and Mardi Gras Velvets

quite a lot of eggs ;)

I love the texture from sponge.

When eggs are drying, paint the wreath base with Pixie Sorbet.

Both sides of course.

When it's dry, apply some gel medium on the base. You can use also strong glue or hot glue gun , but I like gel medium :)

Add some feathers on the top. Let it dry.

Let's see how it looks together...

Prepare Melissa Frances Embellishments..

Add some to the project. It looks nice now, but still need something MORE...

Create some flowers with Blossom Stencil and Silver.

Spray them with Colorations.

Cut out the flowers.

And add it to the project. I added also more feathers here and there.

It's done. :) Thank you for stopping by, Marta De.

Watch the video: dollar tree cross wreath

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