How to make thai basil pork rice

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So time to prep the sauce of the meat before preparing your ingredients. If 2 of you are doing, one can help to prep the sauce while the other prep the ingredients.

Add 2 table spoon of fish sauce.

Add 1 table spoon of sweet (Soya bean) sauce.

Add 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce.

Add 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Then stir it until mixture is watery and not thick.

If mixture is too thick, add one more table spoon of fish sauce.

Cut out the basil leaves into a basket to prep them for frying in with the minced pork later on.

Depending on the level of spice you want on your meat, cut some chilli padi into small pieces to prep them for frying with your meat later on. If you can take the spice, cut about 8 chilies.

If you can't take really spicy food, a good 3-4 will be sufficient. (Or lesser) It really depends on your preference and your level of spice it take you can handle.

The size of the chilli cut is suppose to look like this. (P.s. Not referring to the quantity of the chilli but the size of it.)

Dice your garlic and chops them to smaller pieces as well. This is to prep it for frying later on. The quantity of the garlic depends on the amount of meat you are cooking.

Once chopped, the garlic should look like this. not referring to the quantity) If you really love garlic, go ahead and add them all! But be careful, it will change the taste of the meat.

Prep your minced meat. In this case, I'm using minced pork!

Time to prep your woks to fry them pork in. The smaller pan would be for the sunny side up eggs to go up on your pork rice.

Fry the garlic in first. Give it a good stir for about 4-5 times.

Followed by the chili padi. Fry it with the garlic, till the garlic turn nice crips golden brown.

Then followed by adding in the minced pork meat in and give it a good fry.

Pour the sauce that you make earlier on when your minced pork is fried up. Then continue stir frying it with the sauce in it. Do some tasting on the pork to see if the taste is there.

If the taste is barely there, add the next step; your light soy sauce. And followed by giving it a few good stir.

Add in your basil leaves. And continue to give it a good fry.

The pork rice should end up looking something like this.

Time to fry your sunny side up and prep them on the side of your plate. Or if you like, you can add the egg at the last step on top of your pork rice.

Time to scoop them rice out and place it on your plate.

Bon appetit.

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