How to watercolor play on your journal

It will run a bit but you will still have the colors and pattern underneath. If you don't seal it those colors will reactivate again the second they feel moisture.

Draw a rough sketch with pencil we are having fun here! if you want a portrait you can use a piece of carbon paper and trace over a photo

I'm going with these colors over the purple and green

I like to water them down on my palette so I can control what goes on the brush

I love the contrast using the turquoise gave the eyes. I added a bit of orange to paint her gown The Fuchsia is on her lips and really watered down on her cheeks

I diluted more orchid to go over her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes They will get more definition when I add the pen strokes

See the lashes done! I love adding an extra layer of texture I'm using the stencil to highlight several areas and composing an earring in this case

I also defined a patterned fabric on her clothes with the stencil

See the finished product!this is the left side I prepped with gesso in the beginning

See the hair, it gets an arched definition from the stencil, that one is called Viva la Art by TCW I also glues some newsprint to my background

It's fun how you can play with an underneath pattern that you used to experiment and turn it into a new thing entirely! More

Watch the video: PLAN WITH ME. June 2020 Watercolor Bullet Journal

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